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List of items currently out of stock
due to Pandemic ordering

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we are seeing unforeseen usage on many products. At this time, the following products are out of stock and have no confirmed back in stock date. We will not be accepting orders for these items. Please keep checking this table for the addition or deletion of any items. We thank you for your understanding at this time.

List updated August 3, 2020 at 11:00 am

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All Examination Gloves, Masks and Isolation Gowns are out of stock indefinitely

Item Description Expected
Back in Stock
Allow B/Os
006-060 Alcohol Prep Pads TBC Yes
007-020 Nocospray 2.0 – 1000m3 11-Aug-20 Yes
016-625 DigiPro 60 sec. Digital Thermometer 11-Aug-20 Yes
016-637 Accuflex 5 sec. Digital Thermometer 11-Aug-20 Yes
016-638 AccuflexPro 5 sec. Flex Therm. Oral 15-Aug-20 Yes
016-639 AccuflexPro 5 sec. Flex Therm. Rectal 15-Aug-20 Yes
016-644 PhysioLogic Digital 10 sec. Thermometer 30-Sep-20 Yes
016-645 PhysioLogic Digiflex 10 sec. Thermometer 30-Sep-20 Yes
016-651 Accuflex5Vu 5 sec. flex tip Thermometer 30-Sep-20 Yes
016-670 QuickScan instant read Thermometer 30-Aug-20 Yes
018-230 MedPro Protective Masks 20-Nov-20 No
018-400 MedPro Plastic Apron 49″ 18-Aug-20 Yes
106-932 Universal Cuff for Home BP Monitor 11-Aug-20 Yes
108-416 ColorPro Dual Steth Silver, Red Tube 15-Sep-20 Yes
116-975 PhysioLogic DigiSlim Scale 21-Aug-20 Yes
118-414 MedPro Tongue Depressors, Junior, 100/bx 11-Aug-20 Yes
745-176 MedPro Infl.Rubber Invalid Ring, 18″ 12-Aug-20 Yes
745-414 MedPro Zippered Pillow Protector, Std. 24-Aug-20 Yes
745-415 MedPro Zippered Pillow Protector, Queen 24-Aug-20 Yes
762-100 HAIGH SOLO 2017 Macerator 20-Nov-20 Yes
770-300 Aquacare Commode, Pail compatible 11-Aug-20 Yes
775-760 I.V. Stand Aluminum, 2 Prong 11-Aug-20 Yes
775-765 I.V. Stand Aluminum, 4 Prong 11-Aug-20 No
775-785 I.V. Stand Alum., Weighted Base, 2 Prong 20-Nov-20 Yes
775-790 I.V. Stand Alum., Weighted Base, 4 Prong 20-Nov-20 Yes
775-925 MedPro Heavy Duty SS IV Pole 1-Sep-20 No
775-965 MedPro Stackable SS IV Pole 1-Sep-20 Yes

Thank you