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List of items currently out of stock
due to Pandemic ordering

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we are seeing unforeseen usage on many products. At this time, the following products are out of stock and have no confirmed back in stock date. We will not be accepting orders for these items. Please keep checking this table for the addition or deletion of any items. We thank you for your understanding at this time.

List updated March 27, 2020 at 8:45 am

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Item Description Expected
Back in Stock
010-207 MP Defense Vinyl Gloves PF, S 20-May-20
010-215 V-Line Vinyl Gloves PF, S 6-Jul-20
010-217 MP Defense Vinyl Gloves PF, M 20-May-20
010-227 MP Defense Vinyl Gloves PF, L 20-May-20
010-237 MP Defense Vinyl Gloves PF, XL 20-May-20
012-107 OmniFlex Nitrile PF Gloves, S 19-May-20
012-117 OmniFlex Nitrile PF Gloves, M 29-May-20
012-127 OmniFlex Nitrile PF Gloves, L 29-May-20
012-137 OmniFlex Nitrile PF Gloves, XL 29-May-20
012-340 MediTouch Nitrile Gloves PF, XXL 9-Jun-20
012-607 NiteFlex Nitrile Gloves PF, S 15-Jun-20
012-617 NiteFlex Nitrile Gloves PF, M 15-Jun-20
012-627 NiteFlex Nitrile Gloves PF, L 15-Jun-20
012-637 NiteFlex Nitrile Gloves PF, XL 15-Jun-20
016-625 DigiPro 60 sec. Digital Thermometer 29-Jun-20
016-635 Accuflex 10 sec. flex tip Thermometer 29-May-20
016-637 Accuflex 5 sec. Digital Thermometer 30-Jul-20
016-638 AccuflexPro 5 sec. Flex Therm. Oral 15-May-20
016-639 AccuflexPro 5 sec. Flex Therm. Rectal 15-May-20
016-644 PhysioLogic Digital 10 sec. Thermometer 20-May-20
016-645 PhysioLogic Digiflex 10 sec. Thermometer 20-May-20
016-651 Accuflex5Vu 5 sec. flex tip Thermometer 30-Apr-20
016-660 ProScan I.R. Non Contact Thermometer 15-Jun-20
016-670 QuickScan instant read Thermometer 15-Jun-20
018-230 MedPro Protective Masks 29-Jun-20
018-232 MedPro Defense N95 Respirators 15-Aug-20
018-235 MedPro Defense Surgical Masks 15-Jun-20
018-238 MedPro Defense Isolation Masks 15-Jun-20
018-241 Breathe-lite Surgical Mask 15-Jun-20
018-244 Breathe-lite Isolation Mask 15-Jun-20
018-297 MedPro Gowns, standard size 1-Sep-20
018-300 MP Defense Isolation Gown,Yel.Universal 1-Jul-20
018-304 MPD. Isolation Gown W/Ties,YEL.XL 1-Jul-20
018-312 MPD Ultra Barrier Impervious Gown, Univ 14-Aug-20
018-348 MPD-Iso. gown,Yel.Univ.Tie neck/waist 1-Jul-20
018-396 MPD Impervious PE Gown, Universal, Blue 15-Aug-20
018-398 MPD Impervious PE Gown, XL 15-Aug-20
106-315 PhysioLogic Prof. Std. Sphyg., Adult 1-Jul-20
770-302 Medpro Defense Clinell Commode 15-May-20
775-760 I.V. Stand Aluminum, 2 Prong 1-Sep-20
775-765 I.V. Stand Aluminum, 4 Prong 1-Sep-20
775-785 I.V. Stand Alum., Weighted Base, 2 Prong 1-Sep-20
775-790 I.V. Stand Alum., Weighted Base, 4 Prong 1-Sep-20
775-925 MedPro Heavy Duty SS IV Pole 1-Sep-20
775-965 MedPro Stackable SS IV Pole 1-Sep-20


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